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Welcome to the Awakening
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Marcy / Mar 30, 2017
This year marks the 25th year that Lione Rampant has been in operation. We are going to throw a party to honor the game, its current players, alumni, staff and volunteers. We are planning a fully catered event where we can all gather and share stories over dinner and drinks.

We are asking the community to help make this dream come true. Donations will go towards the price of the venue and food, so we can minimize ticket costs and make sure that they're affordable for everyone

Donations can be made HERE.
Marcy / Mar 20, 2017
We would like to announce a change to our check in procedure starting with our March 2017 event.

First, we are moving the location of check-in from its’ previous location in Central Control, to the tavern foyer.  We hope this move will make it more convenient for people to handle getting checked into game. We ask that all lines form in towards the tavern area, not outside.  

All staff and scripts will still check in at Central Control in the basement of the main house.

Our other big change to the check in procedure is the introduction of an express lane.  For anyone that is pre-registered for an event, they will receive an e-mail approximately one week before the event which will include a copy of their check in waiver form.  If they print this form (and sign it), along with their own copy of their updated character card (which can be printed from the character generator website), and they have pre-paid for the event (and any meals they choose to purchase). They will be able to skip directly to the front of the line (simply by asking anyone behind the counter).

This new express lane option is only for people that do not need to make any at the door purchases, perform any character updates, require a character card to be printed, or need any other assistance.  It will allow you to skip directly to the weapon inspection and vocation station area of check in.

We hope this new procedure will remove any wait times during the peak hours of check in and allow everyone to get ready for game a little easier.
Dana / Feb 13, 2017
Hello, LIONE Community!

I hope this finds you well and that the excitement for the upcoming event is upon you! As a reminder, the deadline for Vocations Submissions for Round Two is due on March 10th. Due to the amount of writing, brainstorming, and effort that is going into this last year of the campaign to ensure that it ends with as much awesome as it started with - the vocations deadline will be strictly adhered to in the year ahead.

So Scholars, Crafters, Alchemists, and all other professions be sure to submit your picks through the vocation submission form on time so that your requests can be processed and prepared for you.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Ernie C / Oct 17, 2016
As we mentioned prior to the October event, we are offering an alternative option to earning bonus character points for your character. Traditionally, when you do things such as help with clean up, take part in the NPC exchange, or provide prop donations, you would simply earn character points.

However, we are now offering a new option. In place of earning these bonus points, you can instead earn tickets to go toward the raffle at our next campaign's startup fundraiser and raffle.

The types of bonus CP that can be converted into raffle tickets are:
Setup CP
Cleanup CP
NPC shift CP
Donation CP
NPC Exchange CP

If you would like to take this new alternative option with your earned bonus CP from these sources starting with the October event (and going forward), simply e-mail us ( and indicate you are taking this new option. We will keep this choice on record going forward, but it can be changed back at any time you wish just by letting us know.

If we don't hear from you, you will be defaulted to earning CP, not raffle tickets.

Please e-mail us to let us know, even if you already spoke to a director in person to indicate as such (especially if you spoke with us during this past event).