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Event Preparation


Temperature this weekend is mid 60s with a drop to high 30s at night.

As always, New England weather is trying to trick you. We are off the water, so it is going to be even more chaotic.

Pack accordingly, use layers, and expect warm days and chilly mornings and night. Remember your extra socks!

There is a high UV Index warning this weekend, despite the temperature. BRING SUNSCREEN!


  • The cabins are not heated, so prepare extra blankets/warm socks if you're sleeping on-site

  • The tavern may get chilly at night. Bring additional layers for "sitting and talking" costuming.

Let's keep this habit up! Please bring a reusable water container. There is water available in the Tavern via dispenser jugs or water bottles. Pour the water bottle into the reusable container to reduce half-drank bottles and prevent waste and clutter.

If you have any questions, reach out to!

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