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Note on Moral Ambiguity:

The world of LIONE and the plots therein are meant to be engaging, challenging, and often, morally gray. With this in mind, it is understandable that players may play a character of moral ambiguity. This is encouraged!


But please keep in mind, we do not allow Evil characters. If you ever play a character that walks a dark path, you may become Evil and your character could become an NPC. For example, seeking and choosing to initiate to a Profane god (Grumach or Zahar) is a path that will likely see your character become an NPC.


Staff will communicate with you ahead of time, if we see you are heading in this direction.

Concepts and Histories:

There isn’t one specific recipe to develop a character concept or to write an initial character history. There are many ways to go about it, but ultimately, the most important thing is to design a character that will be fun to play. Although a number of questions and considerations are proposed within this guide, this is by no means an exhaustive list. It is meant to give a sense of what type of questions can be helpful and to spur your imagination.


It is strongly recommended that you read through all available material on the rules and story/lore information first. This will give you a basic understanding of the logistical rules and story of the game world that you will be interacting with. This will also help you in shaping how your character looks and dresses. Our Lorebook has costuming suggestions, based on civilizations, that may help with further inspiration.


If you are new to role-playing, you may find it easiest to play a character that has some of the same traits as you do. In this way, the character will react to things that occur In-Game more consistently with the way you might. As you gain experience, it is fun to explore traits that are further from your own person, though this brings its own challenges and rewards.

Lineage and Influence Considerations:

What type of personality seems appropriate for each of the lineages and which appeals to you most? With our unique Planar Influence system, take a look at the costuming requirements for each of the types of lineages/influences. Are you comfortable wearing face make-up, ears, beards, etc.? Are there specific lineage/influence abilities that you can envision being helpful and fun?

Play Style Considerations:

Do you enjoy sparring with boffer weapons or tossing spell packets at targets or using LARP safe crossbows? Are you the type of person that enjoys being in the front line of battle, or sneaking through the underbrush to lead a flank? Would you be more comfortable staying within the center of the battle being a support caster either throwing offense spells or healing? Perhaps you enjoy casting rituals?


The choices you have made will help you begin to develop a sense of what type of character you will be playing. Next is to consider where your character has come from and how this influences how they approach the world. Why has your character left the comfort of home to venture on this campaign? What does your character believe they have to offer in this noble quest and what do they hope to accomplish there? See our Lorebook to find further inspiration for your character, and learn more about the available civs.

Background Motivations:

Did your character come from a difficult background that they are trying to escape, yet it haunts them? Did your character come from a relatively easy background? Are they trying to prove something to themself or others? Is your character an adventurous or noble soul? Are they out for themself? Is your character looking for a loved one that went on ahead of you? What are your character’s goals or dreams, or even fears and regrets?

Special Skills and Abilities:
What special skills or abilities will your character be good at, both in small adventures and in larger town-wide encounters? Will your character be known for their amazing ability to heal in mass melees or to lead the battle? Will your character be known for their ability to solve riddles or their research? Does your character wish to discover valuable ancient artifacts that will make them rich and famous? Does your character seek initiation for a particular religion?

Background Personality:

Is your character an easy-going person or someone who is easily rattled? Is your character out-going or more introverted? Does your character seek to be in the center of attention or content with letting others stand in the limelight? Does your character tend to lead or follow? What instances would cause them to take initiative or shift from their course? Are they loyal to their family or friends or to an ideal embodied by a god or totem?


We do require that all character histories are approved by the plot teams prior to gameplay. This way, if there are any questions or discrepancies with respect to rules or game design, they can be ironed out before you play your character. This may help you answer some of the above questions or to deepen your character concept further. Having gone through this process, it will be easier to finalize choices for character generation, come up with a costume and feel ready to play your character at an event.

History Submission:

Please submit your character history to Additionally, you can add it through the Character Creator for reference. The Character Creation is also where you will build your character using our rules. If you have any questions regarding histories, concepts, or rules, please email

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