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Current Starting CP for new players is 36


Attending! 5CP is given for coming to the game.

Setup Help!
 1CP is given for helping set up game; check in with staff is required.

Cleanup Help! 2CP is given for helping clean up after game; check out with staff is required.

PELs! 1CP is given for PEL submission within 1 week of the event.

Additional methods include: Donations, scripting games part of our exchange, Setting Package

2024 CP Cap Guide

             CP Cap is: 105

CP Cap goes up by 10 per game 

Bright Hollow (April 26)

Tin Tor'An (May 10)

Bright Hollow (May 31)

Tin Tor'An (Aug 23)

Bright Hollow (Sept 20)

Tin Tor'An (Oct 18)

75 ⇒ 85

85 ⇒ 95

95 ⇒ 105

105 ⇒ 115

115 ⇒ 125

125 ⇒ 135

Players at cap earning CP from NPCing and from community events may designate another player to receive that CP. Use of this policy will be monitored for abuse. See HERE for details.


If you have questions regarding character points, please email

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