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Important E-Mail Addresses
Ombuds (for player concerns):

L8, plot, & misc. questions:
Registration (updates, token ?'s): 
Tech Support (for character creator): 
Board (Business/NPC Exchange only): 

   *Please include name (and character name if applicable) when emailing

LIONE Rampant



LIONE Rampant

Board of Directors
Tyler Russell (he/him) - President
Tom Dempsey
(he/him) - Vice President
Casper "Ruse" Ayala
(they/them) - Business/Social Media

David "D/S" Coburn (he/him) - Ombudsman

John Faugno (he/him)

Tiffany Defreitas (she/her)

Errol Defreitas (he/him)
Patti Hall (she/her)

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Camp Location:
Frank A. Day

125 South Pond Rd

East Brookfield, MA 01515


Click HERE for map of campsite.

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