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The eighth campaign (which began Fall 2023) of LIONE is a dual-setting game. Every other game changes between the two settings. This provides the opportunity to play both settings, NPC for both settings, or play for one and NPC for the other and get CP for your player character. For more in-depth world details, please refer our Lorebook: "The Explorer's Guide to Creation".

The events of each game are happening in the same world, in real-world time. If there are three weeks between each setting, your character experiences three weeks' time. 

The In-Game year is 524, by the Radiance Calendar

Bright Hollow is an Outpost set up by Radiance. Adventurers have been called to push back the seeping darkness and discover the mystery of the first group of explorers that tried to secure the Outpost, who mysteriously vanished…

Tin Tor’An is an Outpost set up by Tin El’Shin. In a world of strange magics, this Outpost is even stranger, and the adventurers have been called here to learn all they can about the shifting planar phenomena…


While Gods play a part in both settings, certain Gods are focused on in one setting over the other. The High Holy Days of specific Gods change every year, but will always fall in their “primary” settings. Elya, Grumach, and Zahar can fall in any setting. 

Bright Hollow: Artifice, Bellinger, Faya, Jaad
Tin Tor'An: Brashtamere, Solaron, the Wylds

For more information about the Gods, please refer to “Faith and Pantheon” in Section II of the rulebook.

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