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Welcome NPC Volunteers!

What we provide...

Scripting is free! All meals, snacks, drinks, costuming, weapons, a dedicated NPC sleeping area, bug spray, and sunscreen. Please use our registration form to let us know you are coming. Our game on is approximately 10 p.m.


What to bring...

Black generic clothing without logos, sleeping bag, pillows and blankets, personal snacks, good shoes (sneakers, boots). It's also important to pack for the elements; light summer clothing, winter protective gear, a poncho never hurts.

Though we don't mind people bringing fun costuming or personal weapons; we can't be held responsible if they are misplaced or damaged. 

Stay till the end...

On Sundays at closing we enter the present volunteers to win gifts cards, weapons, and other raffle items!

Script one, play the other...

With our two setting model, Scripting/NPCing for one setting will earn you 5CP (for a full event), earning the equivalent amount to playing.

Click HERE for map of campsite.

CP Exchange Programs

We host CP Exchanges with the following LARPs:



There is a sign-in sheet at Check-In to fill out what LARP you are earning CP towards. This is required for exchanges.

Scripting another game earns 1-3CP for LIONE (based on days attended)

If there is a LARP that you wish to see added please contact

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