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Welcome adventurers!


   Our World is scattered, broken. Civilizations before us, remnants found in ruin. We are separated by mountains and miles, seas and scourges. Surrounded by harsh conditions or impassable obstacles, from hurricanes, to deserts, to walls of fire and that doesn't even account for the monsters that lurk, waiting for their prey. The only safe means of travel is through Circles, sending you somewhere else in an instant, but the Circles are limited and unpredictable.

   Then five years ago, The Shard Market connected in an event known as The Cascade. Places across Creation became connected for the first time to this one place. Circles are still dangerous and unpredictable, but a new era of exploration is before us. Join us as we look to the horizon.


Spring 2024

April 26-28 - Bright Hollow

May 10-12 - Tin Tor'An

May 31-2 - Bright Hollow

Fall 2024

August 23-25 - Tin Tor'An

Sept 20-22 - Bright Hollow

Oct 18-20 - Tin Tor'An



Due 1 Week Post-Event for 1CP

Events hosted at Camp Frank A. Day in East Brookfield, MA


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