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Thank You

Thank you all for such an amazing campaign.

To writers, staff, and scripts, thank you for bringing the world to life. The creativity and life you gave to the game is invaluable. To players, thank you for walking through this world with us, and your experience making this whole thing worth it.

It was a bumpy road, with many obstacles, not limited to a world-wide pandemic that has changed things forever, and left us with far less time than expected. Even with that, we are proud of what we have done, what you have done, and what we will do going forward.

Now it is time to look towards the Horizons (get it?) as we prepare for our next campaign. There is no doubt we can make it through anything, and we have an amazing future planned.

Keep your eyes out as we can now focus fully on our 8th campaign and release the remaining details to get going.

The LIONE Team

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