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June Event Preparation

Hey all!

As we gear up for the June event, just a couple reminders:

PROOF OF VACCINATION! This is still required. You can either bring the physical card in, or have a picture on your phone next to a photo ID. At this time, masks are not required indoors, but encouraged. Anyone wishing to wear a mask may continue to do so, and we ask that any requests for additional distancing be respected and honored. If you have recently travelled or engaged in other higher risk activities, please use your common sense when determining additional precautions that you should take.

STAY HYDRATED! Weather is trending hotter and hotter. As we are finally starting to feel normal back to LARPing after the hiatus, please remember to keep hydrated. We’ve been really good about self-policing ourselves and others in this aspect, let’s continue the habit.

PACE YOURSELF! With the heat, expect to need and prepare to give yourself downtime. That said, for those that haven’t been back to camp, the couches sadly did not survive the hiatus. Sitting is limited to the tavern chairs. Additionally, the tavern has a dedicated sleeping space in the main room. This means you may want to bring your own chairs or prepare to borrow a bunk if you need to rest.

IT’S NOVARUM SO IT’S GONNA RAIN! I know it. You know it. It’s not a Novarum setting event without a spell of rain. Ponchos, extra socks, and be prepared for mud.

WAIVERS! If you haven’t played yet this year, you can print out a 2022 Waiver and bring it with you for faster check-in. Link found on our homepage under Quick Links.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to

-The LIONE Team



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