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2021 LARP Season

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Hello all,

As we move into the end of the year, we are announcing the cancellation of the scheduled Midwinter event in January. As it stands, with the continued CDC recommendations (wearing masks, social distancing, limited groups) and numerous travel restrictions, the conditions are still far beyond what we would consider safe for holding an event.

There are still a lot of questions about plot and continuity that need to be addressed, but we cannot begin these conversations until we have some semblance of an event plan in place. We promise that these answers will be shared with the entire community well before any actual events are held.

We go into 2021, though, with cautious optimism, hoping that things will be taking a change for the better in coming months. As of now, all of our scheduled events are in a state of flux. Once we know that we can reopen for business safely, we will make a widespread announcement with as much information as possible included.

In the meantime have a safe and happy holiday season, and if you have any questions, please email us at

Stay safe and stay sane,

The LIONE Board

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