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YoC and CP Sale

Hello LIONE Community,

Starting today, September 7th, we are beginning a month-long CP sale. Until Sunday, October 4th, all CP will be discounted to $15 each. In addition, all proceeds from this sale will go to Ye Olde Commons to help recuperate  the lost revenue from all of the COVID cancellations.

The CP Cap is still set at 205, but there's no restriction on purchase amounts or who you wish to purchase them for. This is a great opportunity to help your teammates get caught up and help YoC weather the storm that is 2020.

CP can either be purchased via our Square shop or contact us directly via register@lionerampant,com . If you are buying the CP for another player, please let us know who you're buying them for via email.

Thank you all for your time and attention, stay safe and stay sane.

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