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Teaser #1

That you are even reading this is a testament to the persistence of The Gifted and the success of our new civilizations. The last few millennia have not been kind to us, and that we were able to survive at all is somewhat of a miracle. There are stories from the world before of vast flying machines and people traveling to the stars in the sky, of cities containing millions of people, and of strange metal boxes you could talk to and would help you solve problems in your daily life. Honestly, we don’t know what was fantasy and what was reality. We know there were civilizations before now – we can see the ruins of them all over the place – but we don’t know how many, or how long each lasted, or what happened to them. We know the world used to be a lot different, but now you never know what’s waiting over the horizon.

It seems when you rip enough holes in reality, eventually reality rips back.

No one knows what the world looks like, but this travel guide is going to try to answer as many questions as possible. By stepping through the Circles we can travel from place to place, finding small towns, scattered huts, or even massive cities. As more brave explorers take the risk of going through a Circle to see what’s on the other side, we get more and more information, which I am hoping to collect in one place for all to see.

Within these pages you will find a town where a slice of summer rotates around a circle in the harshest winter clime. You will find a place where it rains blood, where a spire of ice rises from the desert to provide drinking water to the people who live around it, and a village buried in a jungle so deep, they cannot see the sun. I have spoken with Fire Elves and Dream-born, Deepshadow Orcs and Blood Dwarves. I have sat in on the high council meeting of Radiance, visited the falls of Tin El’Shin, and browsed the stalls of the Shard Market.

Welcome to your world. It’s a lot bigger than you thought it was.



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