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Return Reminders

Hey everyone,

As we prepare for the Return, there are a few things we would like to remind you about…

Weapons and Costume! Make sure your boffer swords are still in good shape, your latex daggers are not dried out, thrusting tips are still plump, spell packets are dry. Find your costume pieces and get that peace of mind that all your bits and baubles are together and ready to go.

Register for the event! Event Tokens for the Return are available on Square under the code "Return Event". If you have an Event Token saved or want to pay at door, please send an email to Note if you are playing (and need meals) or if you are scripting.

Cabins/Sleeping! Sleeping arrangements have changed since the last time we were together. With 5 cabins total, each can host 6 people (4 beds and 2 cots each). The tavern currently has sleeping accommodations set up for 32 people.

If you want to sleep on site, include cabin preference in an email to We will do our very best to accommodate everyone and their groups, but the sooner you connect with us the better we can sort things. If we do not get a request for sleeping space, we will assume you have your arrangements handled.

Additionally, we will be offering extra CP to players that chose to sleep off-site. 2CP will be granted to those that have alternative sleeping arrangements (including tenting). We ask that you note this in your PEL after the event for record keeping.

Character Points and Character Sheet! CP Cap and distribution has been adjusted. Cap goes up 15 per event, and attending events grants 10CP. Check here for details. Remember to review your sheet and check your skills.

More logistics are being sorted out, so please keep an eye out for further announcements. If you have a pressing concern that you need addressed ASAP, please email

- The LIONE Team

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