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Return Event Delay

Hello LIONE Community,

We are delivering the unfortunate news that our September 10-12 is being canceled. This was a very difficult decision, but a number of factors were taken into account during our discussions.

First and foremost, with infection rates on the rise across the country, and the threat (even to the vaccinated) represented by the new strains of COVID, we don't think that we can have a safe event at this time.

If trends continue along these lines, our entire Fall season is at risk. The idea of running a "restart" event but then have to cancel the next three would be devastating to our momentum and morale. On the flip side of this - if things reverse and improve in the next 4 weeks, we can restart in October having lost only one event in the name of caution.

It is our goal to deliver the best and safest possible experience for our players, staff, and entire community, and we do not think we can do that at this time.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, and here is hoping that this is just a hiccup, and not a sign of more to come.

The LIONE Board

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