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PELs and Thank You!

Hey everyone, Thank you for the incredible PEL feedback we received. It was one of our highest turn outs ever. We are still looking through the comments and taking note on what you liked, didn't like, and how we can improve and do more that you enjoy.

Some of you have outstanding questions or concerns. We will be reaching individually about those. There were a few common questions/concerns that came up, that we would like to make a general announcement for:

Component Spread

  • Unlike previous campaigns, there will be no component spread, or components randomly distributed over camp. One of the major reasons is so we do not accidentally leave behind resin components in the trails of the new camp. Components will instead be found like any other piece of treasure

Travel between Events:

  • We find the interest in travel to various Civs heartening, and take it as a compliment that you want your characters to experience as much of the world as possible to be able to share stories. Unfortunately, we can't properly adjudicate that experience, and can't just leave it up to your imaginations to ensure a balanced experience to everyone. It is our intention that the major events in a character's life happens on stage, during our events, not in the liminal space between them. Also, from an In-Game perspective, Circles open and close at different times, and aren't always available for travel.

In light of that, we are limiting between event travel to the following:

  • You can travel back to the Shard Market between events reliably.

  • You can only travel to other Civs during the Winter Break, where characters will have months of downtime.

  • Nothing "significant" will happen during these journeys - this can be something akin to sightseeing, visiting family, buying new items to reflect costume changes, etc., but nothing that should be a major point of interest in a character's life unless otherwise directed by plot.


  • A reminder of our policy that if you don't know someone's pronouns, use they/them until you know for sure. We had several people misgendered last game. Let's be respectful and mindful, please.

Considerate Comments

  • Everyone did awesome with their costuming, it is easy to see the effort folks made into their costumes. We just ask that you be mindful of your comments, and how explicit they may be. Please do not make your fellow players uncomfortable, and please be respectful in your compliments. And as much as we appreciate the compliments, let us minimize the objectifying of NPCs. Both in public spaces and on Social Media.

Thank you for your responses and cannot wait to see you in a few weeks!

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