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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Hello Everyone,We are once again the bearers of bad news, as we are announcing the cancellation of our July 31 event. With the CDC guidelines still recommending masks at all times, social distancing, constant sterilization of indoor facilities and keeping social gatherings to limited sizes it is just not an environment that is conducive to LARPing.

We are, however, cautiously optimistic about the Fall season, and hope to run some form of events in our September through December slots. These may be taking the form of one-day events, module-days, or some other reduced capacity event.

We are a long way from where the world was in March, but we're also a long way from "normal."  We hope these positive trend continue over the next two months, and allow us to have a long-awaited restart in the Fall.

Stay safe and stay sane,

  • The LIONE Board

IN the meantime if you would like to stay connected, we have been releasing short stories, set in LIONE universe. You can check them out on our facebook page or through our discord:

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