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Fall 2021 and on!

Heeeeeey Everybody!

We would like to announce that LIONE Rampant: The Second Crusade will be returning to operation on September 10, 2021, and will hold all of the scheduled events for the Fall season!

Proof of vaccination will be required to be presented at check-in at all Lione events in the 2021 calendar year.

Do not email these items. We will only accept them in person during the check-in procedure. Acceptable forms of proof of vaccination are:

CDC issued vaccine card (physical item)

Photo of CDC issued vaccine card next to a photo ID

If you are unable to be vaccinated or have other concerns please contact the board directly well in advance of the event via Exception requests or other related concerns will not be entertained at the event. Anyone without proof of vaccination will be asked to leave.

Mask and social distancing policies will be kept in line with those set by Ye Olde Commons. As of July 5th masks will no longer be required on site. Anyone wishing to wear a mask may continue to do so, and we ask that any requests for additional distancing be respected.

The September 10-12 event will not be set in Novarum, but will be at a neutral location, and be open to all players from both settings. Details will be made available as they come to light. The October, November and December events will be held in the settings advertised on our schedule.

We look forward to finally getting back to our world and our story, and can't wait to see you all there.

- The LIONE Team

Also, please take a look at our 2022 dates!

Mar 18-20 - Novarum

Apr 22-24 - Krushkov

June 3-5 - Novarum

July 8-10 - Krushkov

Sept 9-11 - Novarum

Oct 7-9 - Krushkov

Nov 11-13 - Novarum

Dec 9-11 - Krushkov

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