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Event Tokens and CP Cap

Hey everyone,

We've recently gotten some questions about event tokens and the CP cap through our scheduling changes.We want to reassure everyone that no event tokens that have been purchased are lost. Tokens are only redeemed when you attend an event. Those of you who have purchased an Imperial for 2020 will not use the eight tokens that were purchased, and you will be able to use those that are not used in 2021, or apply them towards a 2021 Imperial membership.

The CP cap will increase by 10 per event we hold. This means that 2020's CP cap will not increase by the 80 points we anticipated at the beginning of the year, rather only 60 (as long as there are no more schedule changes).

We still do not have details about the July 31-Aug 2 event. For now, though, you can assume the settings for the Fall season (Sept-Dec) will remain unchanged. We do not know how the scheduled High Holy Days will be affected, nor any "in-game" explanation for the months of inactivity at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at Thank you all, stay safe, stay sane, and hopefully we'll be seeing everyone again soon.

  • The Lione Board and Staff

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