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Event Preparation


Temperature this weekend is mid 70s to mid 50s at night. That said we are off the water so its always a little cooler.

  • This is our warmest event this season. Be mindful, keep hydrated, make sure your friends are hydrated.

  • The moon is waxing crescent - this means it will be dark. We will set up what lights we can, especially around hazards. If you are using your own lightsource, be mindful to not blind your fellow players when using it. Point it at the ground, or use a red filter.

Please bring a reusable water container. There is water available in the Tavern via dispenser jugs or water bottles, which you can pour into your water container. Please reduce half-drank bottles and prevent waste and clutter.

And remember your extra socks!

If you have any questions, reach out to!

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