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Enchanting Rules Change

We are removing the option to create items with a "Permanent" duration. What does this mean?

  • All items with a "Durability" will be changed to having a "Duration" and an expiration date. The Duration will be determined by the Durability of the original item. (i.e. If an item was created with Durability 4, it will get a Duration that expires in June '20, after the 4th event).

  • Elemental Lattices will be removed from the game. Any that are in current inventories will be removed, and 10 silver will be refunded to the owner.

  • All Durability formulae will be removed from the game - as these were "Duration/Durability," they will not impact the number of formulae any enchanter has, the option for a permanent item will be removed.

  • This only impacts items with the "Magic Item" designation. This does not affect Crafted Items, Eldritch Items, or Artifacts.

This change will be reflected in the database soon.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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