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Creation Day Logistics

Here is some important information for this Saturday. Please note these are highlights. If you need further clarification, please ask.

Character Creation

  • This will be done via sign-up sheet

  • Conversations will be kept at ~20min, to ensure everyone gets a chance. After you have had a conversation, you can sign up again, if you feel you need more time. Only after.

  • You will be directed to the World Team Member we think best suits your needs (based on civ, church, and setting)


  • **CASH ONLY!!** $5 per ticket (there is an ATM at the hotel)

  • Opens at 10am, closes at 5pm

  • Several items will be delivered at a later date, as they will be custom

  • THERE WILL BE a Door Prize! Attend and get an entry automatically into the Door Prize Raffle


  • Card and Cash accepted

  • Opens at 10am, closes at 6pm

  • Some items will be civ-specific, or require discussions with the World Team. They will be labeled.

Digital Auction

  • Opens at 8am (Link to be posted day of)

  • Digital Auction will close at 8pm-ish

  • We will be enacting “popcorn bidding”. Bidding time will automatically be extended on an item if a new bid is placed within the final 10 minutes of an item. This is to help prevent sniping. Additionally, there will be a required minimum bid. These details will be clarified on the Digital Auction.



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