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Closing Meeting Highlights!

(only a few days delayed hehe)

Long Break- We have a loooong break between now and Bright Hollow: Event 2 in late April. Write stuff down important to your character that you're thinking about now, or it will be lost to the haze of time.

Tight Spring- As mentioned, our 2024 Spring season is tight, with 3 events in 6 weeks. There is a slim - and I mean slim- chance that dates might be able to move dates and spread it out more, if the Winter ends up mild. We will let you all know as soon as we can in advance if anything will change. Otherwise, assume what is on the schedule.

NPC Exchange- We have an NPC Exchange with many games. Don't see a game that you would like to see? Email board@ and I will reach out to facilitate an exchange best I can. Get up to 3 points for your LIONE character at another game (based on days attendance), and help the community!

PEL- Do you PEL! No really, do your PEL! Really - really do your PEL. Especially with the long break, get your PEL in, to give us fuel for our Winter Writers meetings. Keep an eye out for more announcements over the Winter. Keep warm, stay safe!

Due 11:59pm 11/5 for 1 additional CP



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