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Closing Meeting Highlights!

First and foremost, thank you to everyone. Players, staff, writers, scripts -- we had an amazing turnout of a lot of both new and returning faces for this finale, and thank you all for the help and love for the community.

Do your PELs. Especially if you are playing the Krushkov finale! Even if not, PELs can still help us learn what you did/did not like, so we can improve from your feedback.

Donations! The donations page has been updated. We really need spell packets, NPC Swag, and water, specifically. As this is the last game of the campaign, all donations will be out of kindness. We still really need these items.

From this game, you see how important spreading love through the LARP community is. If you can give your time, effort, and energy into another game by Scripting, please do. We love our community and want to out everyone we can. As always, check the NPC exchange calendar for dates, and let us know if you have a game you'd like to see set with an exchange.

Rest, hydrate, and see you again in a few weeks.

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