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Closing Meeting Highlights

Thank you all for an amazing weekend. You have all done wonderful. To the kitchen crew, players, scripts, and writing staff (both present and absent), another fantastic event!

Finale Scripting: With the finale for each of the settings upcoming...

  • Scripts help make the game run, and we want our finales to be amazing for you, so tell your friends!

  • Many games offer extra CP incentives for finales. Get an extra boost for your PC! If you don't see the game you want to exchange with, email the board, and we will try to set up ASAP.

Props: Please remember to bring back any game props/phys reps to the final events.

Event Pacing: We traditionally have a soft stop at 2am. For the Finale, we will be going until we are done. Pace yourself accordingly. Once we wrap on Saturday, Sunday will be just for RP to wrap up your players story and give you some time to feel Feelings.

New Game, New Camp: Ye Olde Commons has been home for a long time, and we are so grateful. As we move to LIONE Rampant: Horizons, we have made the choice to move to a new camp - Frank A. Day. It is ten minutes away from YOC, so you do not need to worry about a drastic change in commute.

Teasers: I want to specifically call out to one of the latest teasers, our Alpha Rituals and Rites. Even if you believe you did not want to play a ritualist, take a look. The Game of Fate has not changed at its core, but our goal for L8 was to make multiple ritualists not only be less redundant, but necessary.

PEL: Do it. It is due Sunday 4/23 at 11:59, to get the extra CP. Help us finish this game off best we can.

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