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Closing Meeting Highlights!

From our returning and new players, to our amazing scripts, to our awesome kitchen staff, and fantastic writing staff, thank you all for such a wonderful game.

PEL (to get Character Points) is due Sunday 11/20 at 11:59 pm! Staff can't know what you're looking for if you don't let us know.

IF YOU SCRIPTED: one sign in page has gone missing. To make sure you get points credited to your decided game, please do a PEL so we can track and give you points. Reminder the one point to L8 can only be given given for a full weekend of attendance.

Spell Packet construction reminder: fabric squares should be 8x8 and a shotglass full of birdseed, with NO sunflower seeds in the mix. No other filling is allowed in packets. Pure millet is preferred, but as long as there is nothing hard/sharp in the birdseed, and the packet is big enough to not go into your eye socket, that is sufficient.

The season has mostly wound down - but check our community announcements and NPC Exchange page to help out for events/work days when you can, and get points for your L7 character.

Stay awesome, and see you soon!

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