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Closing Meeting Highlights!

(It's a lot, so buckle up)

Food! We are officially looking for help with kitchen responsibilities, primarily someone to run kitchen along with help volunteers.. If you are interested in being kitchen crew (tasks include prep, cooking, set up, serving, breakdown) please send an email to with the subject "Lione Kitchen".

Character Points! A reminder that if you script an entire LIONE event you can get either:

- TEN CP to your current L7 character


- ONE CP to go to your future L8 character

CP exchanges with other games remain the same, up to 3 CP to your current campaign character. If you want to know which games we have exchanges with, check the calendar on our site!

Combat Safety Reminders! We are close to our pre-pandemic energy levels, and that is exciting to see. A reminder that we are actually real people pretending to be scary monsters, and don't want to hurt our friends. Charging is not permitted. If you can reach out and touch your opponent with your hand, you are too close. We have people in many shapes and sizes and heights, so this line can become blurry. If you end up in that blurry space-- slow down. You should never be swinging as fast as you can. Slow down and focus on safely landing your shot.

Teasers and Writing Application for L8! OH BOY! It's happening! Expect teasers for the next campaign to start coming out, as we finalize some details. For those of you that want to become a part of the story telling process and join our awesome writing team - the time is now to let us know.

For our interested writers, we want the story you write to be of your choosing. There will be no pre-released tag line or genre concept for a specific setting, only the overworld teasers we release. This is so you get to shape the setting you pick up. Send an email to with the subject "Lione - Campaign 8 Writer"; then we know to send the application to you once we are at that point.

Summer Break! Our next game is not until September 9th. Expect announcements to slow down and email replies to take some time while we take the break to recharge - and for some of us, to focus on the very exciting teasers for next campaign you are all looking forward to.

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