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Closing Meeting Highlights!

Food! Kitchen service will no longer be through the camp. Our next game (July 8-10) will be using a temporary meal solution. After that, we will be on the lookout for a permanent meal solution/kitchen crew. We will reach out once we get to that point, do not worry about reaching out to us about it.

Character Points! With L8 slowly coming up on the horizon, we are offering a chance to earn some amount of CP for your L8 character. If you script an entire LIONE event you can get EITHER:

- TEN CP to your current L7 character


- ONE CP to go to your future L8 character

CP exchanges with other games remain the same, up to 3 CP to your current campaign character. If you want to know which games we have exchanges with, check the calendar on our site!

And of course DO YOUR PEL, and NOTE ANY GAINED TRAITS/GIFT LOSSES from the event. Without your PEL we don't know what's going on with your experience at game. The PEL is the best way to share with us goals, comments, concerns. And please remember to do everything in the PEL form and avoid addendums, as it is far easier to lose track of addendums

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