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Closing Meeting Highlights!

Donations! The Donations page will be getting some updates as we review what we need. Notably, we will be running a donations campaign for the heaters purchased for the Tavern, with a link through our store. Once those specifics have been decided, another post will be made with more detail.

New Registration Form! Our form is live on our website, under "Register". When you are ready to register for an event, use that form so we can note you are coming. This form is for Player (both paying via our store, or planning to pay at door) and for NPCs. If anything you have input changes after submission, please send email to

Player to Player Trades! Trades are LIVE through the Character Creator. Anything that is in your virtual inventory can now be exchanged between games. Go to "View Trades" and choose "+ New Trade". Coordinate with your Trade Partner to create a code or input a code. If you have any issues, please email

And of course DO YOUR PEL. Very important. Without your PEL we don't know what's going on with your experience at game. The PEL is the best way to share with us goals, comments, concerns. Even if you don't do it within the CP window, please still do your PEL so we can help with your engagement.




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