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Campaign Finales

It has been an incredible five years being a part of the story told in Lione Rampant: The Second Crusades. Even with the two-year shutdown and other small challenges, the community has stuck together and it we are now able to bring these two stories to a close.

May 19th-21st will conclude our Novarum setting.

June 9th-11th will conclude our Krushkov setting.

Our event lead up will be mostly unchanged, but I wanted to include a few things...

  • Many games offer extra CP incentives for attending finales, so tell your friends! We have an exchange with many games, and if you don't see the game you want to exchange with, email the board, and we will try to set up ASAP.

  • While we have a usual soft-stop around 2am, as we finish this campaign, we will be going until we are done. Pace yourself accordingly, and rest as needed - as always, scripts are fed and have bunks for bed/naps.

  • Our finales tend to be high-combat, go-go-go! If you have any accommodation needs, let us know. We will help accordingly.

If you can, register using our registration form. This will help up help with pacing and accommodations in advance.

Let's go!!

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