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Cabin Assignments & Menu [Nov 11th-13th]

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Hey everybody! The Cabin assignments have been made for the November 11th Event.

In contrast to last event, we have a lot of people on site this game. We are coordinating to get more beds to ensure everyone has a place to sleep. This list may change, so please keep an eye out.

If you plan to sleep on-site and do not see your name, or wish for adjustments to be made, please contact with your requests before game.

Cabin 1 (FULL)

Peter Darling

Michael Lloyd

William Nassau

Kerry Brooks

Rick Weinberger

Phil Hughes

Cabin 2 (FULL)

Tyler Martin

Spencer Curtis

Keirra Anzivino

Cooper Murphy

Graham Sisler Steven Martin

Cabin 3 (ramp cabin)

Rebecca Coburn

Patti Hall

David Coburn

Siobhan Leonard

Gwen Niven

Cabin 4 (FULL)

Madalyn Arcurio

Jay Grabon

David Kiff

Noah Harris

Andrew Flueckiger Riley O'Connor

Cabin 5 (FULL)

Ivan Irizarry II

Sydney Scott

Peter Wilkinson

Nicole Girouard

Zachary L Anderson Asa Mears


Robert Stack

Kestrel Jensen

Taylor Moitoso

Tony Giangrasso

Laird Stanard


Novarum | November 11th-13th Menu:

Breakfast – 10am (hot)




Dinner – 6pm (hot)

Pasta Bar


Breakfast – 10am (cold)

Assorted Cold Breakfast

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