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2024 Season Reminders


Yearly waivers! 2024 Waivers have been updated on the website. Printing and signing ahead of time makes check-in faster. There will be extra waivers at door.

Character History

If you have not sent your backstory in yet, and wish to, here is your reminder to email it to We review these and keep them in mind for plot.

Staying In-Game

We received a number of comments, of players not staying In-Character. If you are in an In-Game space, it is expected that you are In-Character. If you need to break game for any reason, please try and go off to the side, or move to an otherwise private space. All players are encouraged to keep each other In-Game, and if another player asks you to "please keep it in-game" or "I would like us to be in-game", etc, this is to be respected.


If you have played and have decided your Faction, please select it in the Character Creator. This will impact your gameplay. If you are not signed up in the Creator, you will not get paid by the Faction. You can still get any random loot that might be on the mod, but Faction leaders will only pay out signed up members now that we are out of our setting openers. New players are welcome, encouraged, and should explore Factions in-game before making a choice.

And of course, remember to pre-register. Pre-regging helps us better prepare for the event. You do not need to pay ahead; just fill out the form and let us know!

See you soon!

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