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2024 Dates!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We are happy to announce the dates for next year:

Spring 2024

Bright Hollow - April 26-28

Tin Tor'An - May 10-12

Bright Hollow - May 31-June 2

Fall 2024

Tin Tor'An - Aug 23-25

Bright Hollow - Sept 20-22

Tin Tor'An - Oct 18-20

Yes, you will notice that the Spring season is rough (2 weeks, then 3 weeks between). This winter is predicted to be heavy, so the camp is opening later in the season - and then, of course, they go into summer camp. So our time window is small.

There is a very slim chance if weather predictions change, we might be able to move Spring dates around. For now, anticipate a busy Spring!

Thank you,

The LIONE Team

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