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Seeking Tabards and Mantles
In the following colors and numbers:

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Click here, here, and here for mantle examples (hood NOT required) - a square with a head-hole is sufficient.

Basic Tabard Construction Tips

- 2 yards of 45" wide fabric makes 2 tabards.
- Cut lengthwise to make 2 long rectangles 22 1/2" wide by 72" long.
- Cut circle in center with 4 inch radius (8 inch diameter).
- Easiest way is to fold in half lengthwise, then again width-wise. The folded corner is where the head hole goes.
- Fold and iron all edges over twice and sew. Hiding the raw edge stops fraying and makes it look nice when the tabard is worn (inevitably) inside out.

Pro Tip: when sewing a lot with 1 color wind several bobbins at once.

We ask that if you CANNOT create or receive the item after claiming it, you email us immediately so we may find another volunteer or create/purchase the item ourselves.

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