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Alexander Argentus (playing Krushkov)
Elf Paladin of Faya

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Thank you all for your time and attention, and we hope to start reading those character backgrounds soon.

Lione Rampant: The Second Crusade Rulebook

Additions/Changes/Updates since Character Creation on 2/4

Page 26 Clarification of Bellinger Holy Symbol
Page 57 Execution Pre-Req updated.

Additions/Changes/Updates since Character Creation on 1/28

Incants – Definition Added. Verbage added to Divine Arts, Magical Arts, God Powers, and additional instruction under Specialty Header explanation.

Additions/Changes/Updates since Character Creation on 1/21

Healing Hands
Trap Dodge
Trap Dodge II
Trap Dodge III

Section 1 – The World
World Map – Appendix V

Last Rites
Chosen Burden
Pick Master Lock