If you registered as a player prior to 8/27/2019, please use the following instructions to log into the character creator:
  1. Access the character creator login page at https://www.lionerampant.com/cc/account/login
  2. Click the “forgot password” link
  3. Enter the email address which you normally use to sign in
  4. This will trigger a reset password email to be sent. Please note that it can take up to 10 minutes for the email to send.
  5. After you receive the email, enter a new strong password. Note that the WordPress site and the character creator will now have different passwords.

You should now be able to log into the character creator as before. If you have any issues please contact support@lionerampant.com

Some features are still in an early state. To ensure that your CP is spent as intended please use the following guidelines:

Before anything else, please select a race.

Once you have selected a race, select any headers that you wish to start with.

Some headers or races unlock discounted versions of general abilities. Double check that you have selected the discounted version – it will be indicated in the ability name whether or not it is a special version.

Once your character is entered, and your race and headers are chosen, email characters@lionerampant.com with any gift loss, traits earned, and to have your CP total adjusted.

In addition, if your WordPress account does not have your real first and last name in your profile, your account will be suspended. Please follow the following instructions to adjust your WordPress profile:

1. Ensure that you are loggged in to the LIONE WordPress site (www.lionerampant.com)
2. Click on the “Profile” link on the top navigation bar (desktop) or in the left drawer menu (mobile).
3. Ensure that “First Name” and “Last Name” match your real out of game name.
4. Optional: IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR NAME TO BE PUBLIC, CHANGE THE “Display name publicly as” DROPDOWN. The only name that is visible to the general public is what shows up in this dropdown menu.
5. Fill out your emergency contact info in the “Bio” section.
6. Put in your password and confirm it to save the changes.

If you choose, your name will not be visible except to the site Admins.