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    Page 43: Spirit Tether: Pre-Req update.
    43 – Knife in the Dark – Changed to 5 Damage by Shadow
    46 – Our Lady’s Wrath – Changed to 5 Damage by Fire
    46 – Breaking Wind – Changed to 5 Damage by Air
    46 – Toxic Bolt – Changed to 5 Damage by Disease
    47 – Light of Truth – Changed to 5 Damage by Light
    47 – Blighted Bolt – Changde to 6 Damage by Corrpution

    Chart graphics improved.

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    John Faugno


    We have decided that the Divine Arts header needed a little rebalancing in light of recent mechanical analysis.

    First, increasing the damage of all Initiate-Only spells from 3 to 5 increased their usefulness and made them worth the Karma to cast. Priests will still not have the combat diversity of a Mage, but they can now lend offensive capability more reliably.

    Removing the Divine Power requirements from Spirit Tether lowers the total CP needed to attain Spirit Tethers by about 35 points, bringing it more in line with expectations of when we would like to see this spell in the hands of players.

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