Below is the list updated 11/12/18. 


FRIDAY NIGHT SETUP VOLUNTEERS: We are looking for a dedicated team for setup this time as schedules for directors and staff have changed with the season! Please email the board! Setup CP!!

Green Room Snacks: $20 Worth – 1 CP EACH SET (Accepting multiple sets for the season. Max 8 ) – We are looking for healthy snacks, munchies, and soda.


8 Small Pouches: Dark colors, big enough to hold coins and components in, 6-8″ square, with belt loops. 2 CP

4 Large Pouches: Dark colors, big enough to hold spell packets, 12-14″ square, with shoulder straps. 2 CP

All items must be claimed by Emailing prior to purchase. We ask that if you CANNOT create or receive the item after claiming it, you email us immediately so we may find another volunteer or create/purchase the item ourselves.

Event Countdown

2020 Event Dates

January 18 – Midwinter’s Feast

March 13-15 – Novarum

April 17-19 – Krushkov

May 15-17 – Novarum

June 12-14 – Krushkov

September 11-13 – Novarum

October 16-18 – Krushkov

November 13-15 – Novarum

December 11-13 – Krushkov


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