In the ages past, there were monsters, wizards, and champions of the Gods. There were fairy tales in this era of industry, technology, and progress. We knew the difference between fantasy and science. But just over six years ago, we discovered the myths held more truth than we realized.

The modern age has ended, and magic has returned to the world. As technology failed and science gave way to mysticism, civilization was on the brink of collapse. The Gods, once thought to be nothing but stories, have begun to speak once again, and sinister evil rises from the nightmares of the past. Join the adventure as the world tries to pick up the pieces, and return to the age of legends.

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2019 Event Dates

September 13-15 Novarum – Brashtemere & Grumach

October 11-13  Krushkov – Faya

November 8-10 Novarum – Wylds

December 6-8 Krushkov – Solaron

January 18 – Midwinter’s Festival

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