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The seventh campaign of LIONE is a dual-setting game. Every other game changes between the two settings. This provides the opportunity to play both settings, NPC for both settings, or play for one and NPC for the other and get CP for your player character. For more in-depth world details, please refer to “The Game Setting: Krushkov & Novarum” in Section 1 of the rulebook.

The events of each game are happening in the same world, in real-world time. If there are three weeks between each setting, your character experiences three weeks' time. 



The In-Game year is 3923, Imperial Reckoning, or year 6 of the New Era. 

A modern High Fantasy setting. In the rolling green hills of Novarum there is a small, near-forgotten town that lies deep in the forest near the mountains. Fantara is subject to strange magical happenings as the Eldritch Horrors, commonly known as Fae, seem drawn to this place... 

A modern Gothic Survival setting. In a town occupied by Fujian, the opposing force in the recently passed war, Raszkaz is doing it’s best to survive. Plagued with Vampires, Werewolves, and all manner of dark things, it is no wonder the natives of this town do not go outside at night…


While Gods play a part in both settings, certain Gods are focused on in one setting over the other. The High Holy Days of specific Gods change every year, but will always fall in their “primary” settings. Elya, Grumach, and Zahar can fall in any setting. 

Novarum: Artifice, Brashtamere, Jaad, Wylds
Krushkov: Bellinger, Faya, Solaron 

For more information about the Gods, please refer to “The Pantheon” in Section 1 of the rulebook.

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