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April Event Preparation

Hi all,

Just a couple reminders. First, in addition to the proof of vaccination requirements (I don't need to run through those again, right?) we will be requiring mask use in the tavern for this weekend. Hopefully for the last time.

Second, I know the weather has been getting nicer, but bear in mind how much we tend to do after the sun goes down. We're looking at temps in the high 30s overnight in Charlton, and the camp valley usually runs colder. Bring your layers!

On a similar temperature related note, the tavern will be a bit chilly again. Long story short the old tavern heaters were condemned by an outside safety inspection so camp had no choice but to take them down. At the same time, two years without events on site has made it difficult to get funds for replacements. We have been doing our best to work with camp on an interim solution. There will be heat, Krushkov may just be a bit more immersive than you're used to. So I'll reiterate, bring your layers!

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to

- Tyler

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