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    John Faugno

    Over the next few events, we will be making modifications to the monster stats in order to achieve the proper balance, tone, and feel that we are aiming for. We’re evaluating how our combats are playing out, and we’re making thoughtful changes between events. Fundamentally, this is a math and resource management question. This is in NO WAY related to the comments about some people not properly taking their hits.

    This past event, we noticed that the combination of low hit point monsters and the NPC:PC ratio led to an unexpected problem. Single flurries or spells were eliminating too many of our NPC’s before they ever had a chance to land a blow. This led to NPC’s spending more time recycling than actually fighting. This is a poor use of the NPC’s time, it’s boring for them, and it’s bad for the tone of the combat for the PC’s.

    We want our battles to feel pitched and dangerous, while not requiring every fight to have an over-sized horde of creatures to attack the PC’s. By increasing vitality and decreasing recycles, we can more effectively generate the kind of “engagement tension” that we want on the line without significantly changing the the total damage output that the players need to “win”. A related benefit is that this also increases the power of “take out” spells – something else we want to accentuate over time.

    If you have any questions, please email us at L7@lionerampant.com

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